Transition is Here to Stay


Enjoy the Journey

Transition is here to stay. Hold on a just second, isn’t transition supposed to be a season?  That’s what I thought too!

Transition is that passage between the now and not yet. By definition, it signifies movement, not something stationary or stuck. It also means the passage or change from one position or state to another.

God’s Kingdom is advancing and expanding, so nothing stays the same. Increase and multiplication are His specialty. By nature, we are sojourners and pilgrims, which means we can’t stay the same either, much less stay stuck in the same place. How can we when there are wide open spaces in front of us just waiting to be explored? There’s new territory to occupy; there’s new experiences, new depths and heights in our relationship with God still yet to be realized. There are mysteries, insights and revelations waiting to be discovered.

So we keep pressing forward to attain the fullness of relational intimacy with Jesus and all He purchased for us. And if fullness is what we’re going after, then embracing comfort and convenience is not an option. Our fruitfulness is never linked to our comfort! In fact, we can count on being pruned to produce INCREASE and MULTIPLICATION.

John 15:2~ “Every branch that bears fruit, He (the Father) prunes, that it may bear more fruit.”  

Be encouraged my dear friend! God’s Kingdom principles do not change because of circumstances. We can enjoy the transitional journey knowing that our God is not only with us on the trail, but has gone before us! He definitely knows the way!

Deut. 31:8~ “And the Lord, He is the One who goes before you. He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you, do not fear or be dismayed.”

Unveiling the Church Behind Bars

What if the Key to Transforming a Prison Was Simply Building a Kingdom Church Behind Bars?

John was notorious for being a top prison gang leader.  Once he turned his life over to Christ, the hate and anger melted into a tender heart filled with humility and praise. He is now a leader of a different breed, ushering his fellow brothers into God’s presence through worship. God has blessed John with an exceptional musical gift that was eclipsed by a false identity.  Connecting with his true identity and purpose not only has changed John, but now impacts each person that touches his life. To talk with John today, you’d never guess his past had been so violent. The miracle of salvation unleashed a spiritual giant behind bars.

There are many gifted leaders locked behind bars, paying the price for their crime, and rightfully so. However, their identity isn’t tied to their crime anymore than our identity is tied to the sin in our past. God doesn’t disqualify them from the Body of Christ. The fact that they’re in prison doesn’t mean they can’t accomplish great things–that’s just a zip code change.  Prisoners are reminded everyday of their failures and serious mistakes, but there comes a point when they become equipped to join us in advancing God’s kingdom.

PicMonkey Collage RESPONSE

Healing Wings Ministries invites you to participate in planting The Church Behind Bars in the state of Florida. This is NOT another prison program. This is a church plant opportunity to raise up an army of end time warriors. Your financial partnership will enable prisoners like John, to be groomed in leadership as God’s champions.

Solid Rock Ministry in partnership with Healing Wings Ministries will adopt:

  • Men’s Correctional Institution: TBD
  • Lowell Correctional Institution: USA’s largest women’s prison and home of Florida’s death row.

We need to raise a total of 100 K to resource the Church Behind Bars Initiative.  

This amount will be broken into 4 fundraising phases to cover:  
Development ~ Annual Operating Budget ~ Administrative Upgrades ~ Launching ~ Evaluation


  • Plant a prototype church inside 2 prisons to raise up incarcerated leaders to cross over into their inheritance, and occupy the territory of these church plants.
  • 144 training sessions over a 12 month period to equip leaders to be evangelists and missionaries.
  • Teach inmates to expand the Kingdom through discipleship and ministering to new believers.
  • Intensive Bible training and teaching on the roles and sacraments of the Church.
  • Equip the Church Behind Bars how to operate in community as the Body of Jesus Christ.
  • Publish the documented results in a book to motivate a paradigm shift in prison ministry methods within the U.S.
  • Distribute this book to prisons, wardens, chaplains and those in prison ministry.

Will you join us in partnering with God in prison as we plant and unveil the Church Behind Bars?


Our fundraising strategy is to launch 4 campaign phases, each broken down into segments in order to raise a total of $100 K to resource this vision.

Visit our fundraising campaign at: GIVESENDGO

Because this is a crowdfunding campaign, we not only count on your donations, we need you to share our heart and vision with others!

During our first Phase, we will concentrate on the annual operating budget necessary to enable us to focus on developing the curriculum and tools required for adequate training and equipping leadership in these 2 prisons.

PHASE 1- DEVELOPMENT PHASE (will consist of 3 segments)

  • Develop the Prototype Church Model
  • Develop Strategic Curriculum
  • Develop the External Resources we’re bringing into both prisons: Men and Women
  • Develop Assessment Tools and Measuring Methods to Gauge the Success of This Model

♦  Segment I       $12,977samp70d0a1604f2cba39

  • A portion of our annual budget 
  • Funds to hire people that can oversee components of this project  

♦  Segment II       $12,977

  • A portion of the annual budget
  • Resource materials

♦  Segment III      $12,977

  • A portion of the annual budget
  • Transportation and expenses for out of state strategy meetings

PHASE 2– ADMINISTRATIVE UPGRADES (will consist of 2 Segments)

**All Healing Wings Systems and ministry equipment must be upgraded to support this 12 month project, as well as continue to raise funds to cover the annual budget

♦  Segment I       $12,730

  • A portion of the annual budget $9000
  • Administrative Systems: 
    • Accounting and Bookkeeping services- $1730
    • Website Overhaul- $2000

♦  Segment II       $12,700

  • A portion of the annual budget $9000
  • Equipment Upgrades:   
    • RV Service (150 Point Inspection), Maintenance & Tune-Up- $2000
    • Buy the correct 5th Wheel Receiver Hitch- $1200




Montana Concert Tour,  Prison Schedule and Prayer Targets

We are excited about this concert tour as this will be the first tour with 2 new additions to our ministry: Randy Johnson, and the new 5th wheel set up!  

It’s such a joy to have my husband, with his sword drawn, and ready to be the warrior God has created him to be! Robin & I celebrate this integral piece, and together we eagerly anticipate the journey ahead. We ask for you, our team at home, to faithfully pray for the greatest impact, with absolutely no backlash from the enemy! 


July 20- 21st- Montana Women’s Prison (Billings, MT)- (Return trip from July 2014)  

July 22-23rd-Passages Women’s Work Release Facility (Billings, MT)

July 25th- Blackfoot Indian Reservation (Browning, MT) **Outdoor Concert @ noon 

July 26th Crossroads Christian Fellowship (Big Fork, MT) @ 9 & 11 am services 

July 27-28th **Spiritual Retreat between ministries involved 

July 30-31st- Crossroads Men’s Prison (Shelby, MT) 

August 2nd- Story Community Church  11:00 am Ministry Concert 

Prison Events at each facility will include the following: 

● Concerts ● Teaching and Equipping 

● Testimonies ● Prayer and Ministry time 

● Solitary confinement visits ● Water baptism (TBD) 


 PRAY for the God to dispatch as many Heavenly Warriors as needed for battle and that every assignment from hell be intercepted and dismantled.  

 PRAY for the church inside to recognize their Kingdom assignment and NOT disqualify themselves because of their past. 

With Isaiah 61 as our ministry strategy, please pray for the anointing of the Holy Spirit upon us to result in the following: 

 PRAY for the salvation of those Jesus is drawing as we preach the Gospel with authority in love and for believers to be saturated & empowered by the Holy Spirit.  

 PRAY for broken hearts to be sovereignly healed!  

 PRAY freedom for those held captive through addictions, crime, abuse and shame!  

 PRAY for those who have been deceived to experience truth!  

 PRAY for the oil of joy to be poured out in abundance producing a garment of praise!  

 PRAY for a greater measure of God’s presence in the lives of believers. No more compromise or lukewarm commitment


MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Look at the Fruit We Harvested TOGETHER…

Mission Accomplished!

Mission Accomplished!

What an amazing work God accomplished inside these prisons in just 2 weeks! Each event was packed to capacity! We told the men, “People back home have donated their hard earned money just so you would know God has not forgotten you behind these walls!” Because of you, there were many who surrendered completely to Christ; some for the very first time, and many others who surrendered un-yielded areas in their life.

The Ministry

Music evangelism– testimonies– preaching the WORD!

A former Satanist got saved after hearing Mark preach from Romans. He said, “Thank you for making that clearer than I’ve ever heard it put. I’ve been in prison for 39 years. I’ve doubted God all my life. I was a hardcore biker and a Satanist. I actually helped Anton LaVey start the Church of Satan in Orlando, Florida. I never really understood what Jesus did, but tonight it hit me while you were talking.

Biblical teaching to equip the indigenous church behind the walls:

We saw HUGE breakthrough in the area of shame and forgiveness. Debbie had just finished teaching on the importance of forgiving oneself, and not allowing the shame of our failures to disqualify us from our God given assignment. Robin taught on identity, then shared a traumatic event that happened years ago at the hands of a stranger. She said, “Some of you need to hear the words…” And so, side by side, we told these men,  “I FORGIVE YOU…on behalf of every woman you’ve hurt”

Activating and empowering:

Debbie had lost her voice and asked the men to stretch their hands forth in faith and pray for healing in her vocal chords. The men got to see immediate fruit from that prayer! God uses EVERYTHING to show HIMSELF glorious!

One on One ministry time:

We prayed for pictures of their children. We ministered healing to tPraying For Childrenheir brokenness; touching and loving the untouchables, breaking off chains of condemnation and setting the captive free!      


We were thrilled to work with Chaplain Spanos again at one of the prisons! It was a unique opportunity to follow up on the fruit from our time there last October. We discovered some of those we had equipped last year began to “father” those new in the faith! On the last day we held baptisms once again. These proud “fathers” stood on the front row, as their “students” went into the water dead to sin, only to come up alive in Christ!

The response was over-the-top surrendered lives! †

PicMonkey Collage RESPONSE

A good majority of these prisoners have received life sentences. But I have to tell you, the church within the prison system in the state of Florida is rising up from the ashes!

The challenge in prison ministry isn’t getting prisoners saved, God has gotten their attention! Many wind up in prison because they can’t outrun God. I believe the challenge lies in helping them understand their crime hasn’t disqualified them from their purpose or assignment in this earth. That’s just geography! God hasn’t changed His mind about them or His plan for them. This kind of impact takes forgiving themselves, and coming into alignment with their God-given identity. It means taking their life off “hold,” and embracing the call upon their life. If those assignments were insignificant, why then would the devil try so hard to take them out? It takes breaking off the chains of shame and condemnation so they can be free and empowered to influence the mission field all around them, every single day!

What better way to change prison statistics? The ones who parole out, DON’T COME BACK! And those who stay, get to change the whole atmosphere inside the walls of their mission ground. I like those statistics!

It is with great love and appreciation for your role in our ministry that I say… THANK YOU FOR SENDING US…THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING US and THANK YOU FOR PRAYING!

Together, we are making a difference!

Debbie, Randy and Robin

We still have $9000 more to raise in order to cover this year’s outreach commitments. Would you consider making a donation today?  

Please help us get the word out by forwarding this blog or sharing with your friends on Facebook. 

You can donate through our fundraising campaign:

Or send us a check through the mail: HEALING WINGS MINISTRIES — PO Box 11182 — Englewood CO — 80151-1182 

303.789.0950 —


Catfish and Angelfish Jaeger–Roller Dillon [Sons of God Motorcycle Club]


 James & Brittany Cox [Life on the Verge]–Robin D’Haillecourt [Healing Wings]— Scotty Hazen–Mark Mason [Life on the Verge]–Harley Lamoureux–Michael Traylor–Debbie Milligan [Healing Wings]–Suzan Mason [Life on the Verge]–Not shown but equally present: John and Raylene Swanger [Cross and Clef]

PicMonkey Collage TEAM



UPDATE: Touching the Untouchable Campaign Gaining Momentum!

Hallelujah God is so amazing! He has orchestrated the purchase of the 5th Wheel Rig through our donors in Washington State! We will take possession of this sometime in May.  They are committed to the Kingdom work of setting the captives free, and furthering the Gospel on highways and byways. Our hearts are bursting with gratefulness…

Thank you to still others who have given to this campaign!  We leave in 1 week for the first of these scheduled prison events, so we are pushing to get this campaign funded fully for the first half of the year.


WILL YOU GO WITH US?  You can join us through prayer and financial support with a donation that will go towards this year’s immediate missions need:

Funding for 7 months of Prison Ministry Outreaches in 2015: 
This consists of travel, some lodging, food, printed materials, and any miscellaneous expenses incurred for these types of outreaches.  In order to pursue the prison ministry outreaches this year, we still need to raise $9,350 more.   WILL YOU INVEST IN THE TRANSFORMATION OF THOSE CAST ASIDE BY DONATING TODAY?          DONATE HERE


April 13-15: Jefferson Prison–FL
April 18-19: Gulf Prison Main Unit-FL
April 21-23: Gulf Prison Annex Unit– FL

June 13: Sterling Prison – CO

July 20 – 21: Montana State Women’s Prison–MT
July 22-23: Passages Work Release–MT
July 25: Browning Prison Blackfeet Indian Rez–MT
July 30-Aug 1: Crossroads Prison–MT

This campaign specifically focuses on the prison ministry branch that is part of the larger vision of Healing Wings Ministries. Our multi-day prison outreaches offer salvation as a beginning, then moves towards raising up the indigenous church behind the prison walls to take their mission field for Christ!

Healing Wings Ministries is a 501c3 organization established in 1993 that reaches out worldwide to the broken, bound, and spiritually lost by offering hope through Jesus Christ.  Our vision not only targets healing the brokenhearted, but also connects broken people to their true identity and kingdom purpose through freedom and transformation.

Healing Wings Ministries emphasizes God’s design for wholeness: spirit, soul and body, to usher in the fullness of salvation. Jesus did more than preach the saving message of the Gospel. He reached out and enfolded hurting people; He touched sin-filled lives, He liberated those in captivity, and then infused with Christ’s love, He used them to build His church!


You can help us spread the word by sharing our GoFundMe link with your friends on Face Book, reposting often, or emailing those who might be interested in helping!


Marginalize Eye

People on the fringe of society often have been cast aside for one reason or another. They are broken people who need an infusion of hope. From the depths of their despair rises a silent cry to know LOVE and PURPOSE.

We come to you with our “Touching the Untouchable Campaign,” seeking donations to help us reach these “marginalized” people.
Matt. 9:21~For she said to herself, “If only I can touch His garment, I shall be whole…”

Healing Wings Ministries is a 501c3 organization established in 1993 that reaches out worldwide to the broken, bound, and spiritually lost by offering hope through Jesus Christ. Our vision not only targets healing the brokenhearted, but also connects broken people to their true identity and kingdom purpose through freedom and transformation.

This campaign specifically focuses on the prison and biker ministry branch that is part of the larger vision of Healing Wings Ministries. Our multi-day prison outreaches offer salvation as a beginning, then moves towards raising up the indigenous church behind the prison walls to take their mission field for Christ!

Healing Wings Ministries emphasizes God’s design for wholeness: spirit, soul and body, to usher in the fullness of salvation. Jesus did more than preach the saving message of the Gospel. He reached out and enfolded hurting people; He touched sin-filled lives, He liberated those in captivity, and then He used them to build His church!

Healing Wings Ministries has received the mandate from the Lord to go! Will you go with us? You can join us through prayer and financial support with a donation that will go towards two immediate needs.

1. Funding for Prison Ministry Outreaches in 2015: 
This consists of travel (flight and rental car), lodging, food, and any miscellaneous expenses incurred for these types of outreaches.  In order to pursue the prison ministry outreaches this year, we need to raise $10,000Can you help us?

We have several prisons scheduled already this year!  

Central Fl Reception Center2MKNYResize

 April 13-15: Jefferson Prison–FL
● April 18-19: Gulf Prison Main Unit-FL
● April 21-23: Gulf Prison Annex– FL

● June 13: Sterling Prison – CO

● July 20 – 21: Montana State Women’s Prison–MT
● July 22-23: Passages Work Release MT
● July 25: Browning Prison Blackfeet Indian Rez– MT
● July 30-Aug 1: Crossroads Prison– MT

More prisons being schedule Fall of 2015…

2. We have an amazing opportunity to purchase a fully loaded 5th Wheel Trailer and Dually Truck that would meet all our needs on the road. We are looking to raise$30,000.00 for asking price of rig, including set up, registration, license, any initial maintenance costs, and storage fees.


After prayer and much consideration, we feel released to pursue funding to capitalize on this opportunity. This will enable our missions efforts in the prisons, bike rallys and community outreaches to have a greater impact by not being limited due to expensive housing and transportation costs.

The owner is asking $33,975 for both the 2004 Ford F-350 Lariat Dually and 2006 Coachmen Adrenaline 5th Wheel Trailer, but he’s offering our ministry a reduced purchase price. He will hold it for a limited time to give us the chance to see what our partners are able to help us do.

Up until now, these missions outreaches have required substantial funding to cover hotels for lodging, restaurants for meals, and airlines and car rental for travel.  In an effort to better position ourselves to occupy the expanse of Healing Wings’ vision, we need to cut down expenses for these types of outreaches.

Traveling by way of 5th Wheel will enable us to:
● Take a band with us to the prisons and rallys.
● Carry equipment and instruments rather than pay outrageous baggage fees on the airlines.
● Haul our motorcycles to bike rallys and still have a home base.
● Allow us to cover more territory without the expensive hotel bills, thus allowing us to do more without having to pay more.
● Cook and eat healthier on the road rather than the cost of restaurants.
● A necessary investment once our Rapid Response program is launched.

Will you invest in the transformation of those cast aside? Will you go with us by donating today?

For further information and involvement please contact Debbie, Randy or Robin at:


Healing Wings Ministries
P.O. Box 11182
Englewood, CO 80151-1182


Jefferson Prison Recap [told by partner Mark Mason of Life on the Verge]

So many said YES!

OCTOBER 6-9th: Life on the Verge (Mark and Suzan Mason) was joined by Healing Wings Ministries (Debbie Milligan, Robin D’Hallecourt, Bert Rasmussen and Rob Horton) out of Denver, CO; Eliane Guite from Ottawa, Canada; drummer Scott Hazen from Port Orange, FL and harmonica player Harley Lamoureaux from Jacksonville, FL for a truly amazing time of ministry at Jefferson Correctional Institution in Monticello, FL


These numbers are important, but the individual stories we could tell are even better. New Chaplain Gus Stanos walked into these events during his first week on the job….and we helped set the table for him!  He’s already scheduled Bible studies and follow up courses with the new believers. We gave away hundreds of devotional books, we prayed around the altar and we had a rockin’ good time with a variety of music from blues to alternative rock to folk to worship. They also got a lot of good teaching, preaching and testimonies. We just poured everything we had out on these guys and God touched this place in a major way.

 “In the 5 years I’ve been here, we’ve never experienced anything even close to this” – Jefferson CI inmate


I made a new friend at Jefferson Correctional Institution in Monticello, FL. He’s a man of God who has been incarcerated for 15 years. He was convicted of a crime at age 19 while lost in the same world I was lost in at 19. He’s in for life, doing the time for his crime. But he’s my brother no less. He’s a worship leader in the chapel and he’s desperate for mentorship. Our event last month re-ignited hope for a young man who will spend the rest of his days wearing the same clothes.

Justice has its place, but so does mercy. I have to frequently remind myself of where God delivered me from. To be sure, it’s really easy to lose inspiration and passion for a people group that most the world forgets after the news headlines die down. The challenges of life on the road and getting into prisons with the type of events we conduct are many. Discouragement is a frequent visitor for us. We’re always in over our heads. But as we recall the faces and read letters from men and women the Lord has allowed us to show mercy to, perspective returns.  Thank you for your prayers and your gifts of support. They so often encourage us.

It’s hard to paint the picture for folks who’ve never spent time with incarcerated believers. Inmates know they’ve blown it. They know the world thinks their monsters. Their only hope is Christ. Life on the Verge gets to be an expression of God’s mercy to the most unlovely among us. Again, thank you for praying for us and for sending us.

Mark Mason, Debbie Milligan and Harley Lamoureaux during a fired up altar call