Don’t Lose the Thrill of the Adventure!


Last month, as I was coming back from Manitou Springs, I decided to “hike” around at Garden of the Gods. I’d driven through these magnificent red rock formations in the past, but this time, I wanted to actually get out of the car and explore. I’ve been developing the habit of asking the Lord to join me in everything I do, and I could sense His excitement over the new things I was about to discover.  Jesus already knew what was ahead on the trail, but He wanted to be with me when I encountered it.

So, as I’m climbing over rocks like a kid, He says, See Debbie? This is how your life should be. Your journey can be just like this! Every circumstance you’re faced with; every situation you go through, look for what you’ll discover! Don’t lose your sense of adventure. Don’t lose that excited expectation of the good things that mark the trail. This is life in the Spirit! If you focus on the climb and set your eyes on the trudging, you’ll miss the thrill of adventure along the way.”

What an incredible life lesson! Jesus was upgrading my perspective by handing me a new lens through which I could view each circumstance that came my way. So no matter how difficult it becomes; no matter how clever the enemy’s schemes or strategies are;  no matter if tragedy knocks on my door, I can view it through the lens of our “togetherness.” I can be excited over what I get to discover because of the situation. What if this is the secret to retaining a sense of “wide-eyed wonder” no matter what I am faced with? If Jesus were physically by my side in everything I experience, every step of the way, is there anything that can steal my joy, peace and rest? Of course not! I am thrilled just to be with Him.

Next month I’ll share more experiential nuggets that God has been teaching me! Be sure to sign up in the side bar to stay connected.


  1. Really great, Debbie – take time to smell the roses … as long as the bee doesn’t fly up your nose. God’s best to you, Steve

  2. wow, so simple, yet so hard most of the time as well allow the daily grind to consume us! It is time we all stop and realize just how much the Lord wants to be a part of everything we do. Invite him in!

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