prison_ministry“Big Bill” was labeled a “six time loser,” and a “high risk sexual offender.” With an extensive criminal history, he had been arrested for armed robbery, burglary, grand theft auto, kidnapping, assault, drugs and numerous other crimes. His family shunned him, and the DOC continued to release him. So when he was paroled in May, no one cared about this ex-con being bludgeoned to death in an argument. The newspapers only reported his history of crime and violence. Unknown to them, Big Bill had traded in his old label for a new life in Jesus Christ in June 2013 during our Florida Prison Campaign. His old label was pardoned and then erased by a loving Savior. God placed His blood-bought seal on Bill’s heart and called him beloved son and new creation. With only 4 months left to serve on a 30 year sentence, the chaplain said he was on fire, and led many men there in prison to Christ.

  • What if we had not gone?
  • What if you hadn’t supported this mission trip?
  • What if you hadn’t prayed for the saving truth of the Gospel to shine like a beacon in the darkness?
  • What about those men who heard the Gospel in the last few months of Bill’s life?


We have many supporters who see the importance and value of prison ministry, while others may not “get” why we’re so passionate to go. Or why we continue to penetrate the fringes and margins of society to set the captives free. God is NOT willing that anyone perish. God absolutely believes that everybody is “savable!” We want to be a ministry organization that sees people who are sinful, and even those who are wicked, and recognize the potential in their heart to become changed. The only way we can do this is by seeing as God sees.

We leave next week for the Women’s Prison in Ocala, Florida. We will ring God’s truth like the Liberty Bell, and partner with Jesus as He draws these women to Himself. Will you help us bring in the harvest at Lowell Correctional Institute? Your gift will make a difference in God’s Kingdom and shift eternity for those behind the walls.


Florida Prison Short Term Mission — November 13-19 [Lowell Women CF]

  • Airfare- $600.00
  • Car Rental- $200.00                                                                    14209907_SA
  • Lodging- $210.00
  • Food- $300.00
  • Gas-$150.00

You can donate several ways:

  1. Secure online giving through PayPal by credit or debit card. Just click on the PayPal button in the side panel.
  2. Credit Card donations by calling our office: 303-789-0950
  3. Send a check through the mail. Please make your checks out to:

Healing Wings Ministries * Box 11182 * Englewood, CO 80151-1182 (Please note outreach in the memo section)

All gifts are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your partnership with us in spreading the Gospel. We could not gather the harvest without your support! And for that, we are eternally grateful!

All For His Sake,

Debbie Milligan

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