Jefferson Prison Recap [told by partner Mark Mason of Life on the Verge]

So many said YES!

OCTOBER 6-9th: Life on the Verge (Mark and Suzan Mason) was joined by Healing Wings Ministries (Debbie Milligan, Robin D’Hallecourt, Bert Rasmussen and Rob Horton) out of Denver, CO; Eliane Guite from Ottawa, Canada; drummer Scott Hazen from Port Orange, FL and harmonica player Harley Lamoureaux from Jacksonville, FL for a truly amazing time of ministry at Jefferson Correctional Institution in Monticello, FL


These numbers are important, but the individual stories we could tell are even better. New Chaplain Gus Stanos walked into these events during his first week on the job….and we helped set the table for him!  He’s already scheduled Bible studies and follow up courses with the new believers. We gave away hundreds of devotional books, we prayed around the altar and we had a rockin’ good time with a variety of music from blues to alternative rock to folk to worship. They also got a lot of good teaching, preaching and testimonies. We just poured everything we had out on these guys and God touched this place in a major way.

 “In the 5 years I’ve been here, we’ve never experienced anything even close to this” – Jefferson CI inmate


I made a new friend at Jefferson Correctional Institution in Monticello, FL. He’s a man of God who has been incarcerated for 15 years. He was convicted of a crime at age 19 while lost in the same world I was lost in at 19. He’s in for life, doing the time for his crime. But he’s my brother no less. He’s a worship leader in the chapel and he’s desperate for mentorship. Our event last month re-ignited hope for a young man who will spend the rest of his days wearing the same clothes.

Justice has its place, but so does mercy. I have to frequently remind myself of where God delivered me from. To be sure, it’s really easy to lose inspiration and passion for a people group that most the world forgets after the news headlines die down. The challenges of life on the road and getting into prisons with the type of events we conduct are many. Discouragement is a frequent visitor for us. We’re always in over our heads. But as we recall the faces and read letters from men and women the Lord has allowed us to show mercy to, perspective returns.  Thank you for your prayers and your gifts of support. They so often encourage us.

It’s hard to paint the picture for folks who’ve never spent time with incarcerated believers. Inmates know they’ve blown it. They know the world thinks their monsters. Their only hope is Christ. Life on the Verge gets to be an expression of God’s mercy to the most unlovely among us. Again, thank you for praying for us and for sending us.

Mark Mason, Debbie Milligan and Harley Lamoureaux during a fired up altar call

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