Marginalize Eye

People on the fringe of society often have been cast aside for one reason or another. They are broken people who need an infusion of hope. From the depths of their despair rises a silent cry to know LOVE and PURPOSE.

We come to you with our “Touching the Untouchable Campaign,” seeking donations to help us reach these “marginalized” people.
Matt. 9:21~For she said to herself, “If only I can touch His garment, I shall be whole…”

Healing Wings Ministries is a 501c3 organization established in 1993 that reaches out worldwide to the broken, bound, and spiritually lost by offering hope through Jesus Christ. Our vision not only targets healing the brokenhearted, but also connects broken people to their true identity and kingdom purpose through freedom and transformation.

This campaign specifically focuses on the prison and biker ministry branch that is part of the larger vision of Healing Wings Ministries. Our multi-day prison outreaches offer salvation as a beginning, then moves towards raising up the indigenous church behind the prison walls to take their mission field for Christ!

Healing Wings Ministries emphasizes God’s design for wholeness: spirit, soul and body, to usher in the fullness of salvation. Jesus did more than preach the saving message of the Gospel. He reached out and enfolded hurting people; He touched sin-filled lives, He liberated those in captivity, and then He used them to build His church!

Healing Wings Ministries has received the mandate from the Lord to go! Will you go with us? You can join us through prayer and financial support with a donation that will go towards two immediate needs.

1. Funding for Prison Ministry Outreaches in 2015: 
This consists of travel (flight and rental car), lodging, food, and any miscellaneous expenses incurred for these types of outreaches.  In order to pursue the prison ministry outreaches this year, we need to raise $10,000Can you help us?

We have several prisons scheduled already this year!  

Central Fl Reception Center2MKNYResize

 April 13-15: Jefferson Prison–FL
● April 18-19: Gulf Prison Main Unit-FL
● April 21-23: Gulf Prison Annex– FL

● June 13: Sterling Prison – CO

● July 20 – 21: Montana State Women’s Prison–MT
● July 22-23: Passages Work Release MT
● July 25: Browning Prison Blackfeet Indian Rez– MT
● July 30-Aug 1: Crossroads Prison– MT

More prisons being schedule Fall of 2015…

2. We have an amazing opportunity to purchase a fully loaded 5th Wheel Trailer and Dually Truck that would meet all our needs on the road. We are looking to raise$30,000.00 for asking price of rig, including set up, registration, license, any initial maintenance costs, and storage fees.


After prayer and much consideration, we feel released to pursue funding to capitalize on this opportunity. This will enable our missions efforts in the prisons, bike rallys and community outreaches to have a greater impact by not being limited due to expensive housing and transportation costs.

The owner is asking $33,975 for both the 2004 Ford F-350 Lariat Dually and 2006 Coachmen Adrenaline 5th Wheel Trailer, but he’s offering our ministry a reduced purchase price. He will hold it for a limited time to give us the chance to see what our partners are able to help us do.

Up until now, these missions outreaches have required substantial funding to cover hotels for lodging, restaurants for meals, and airlines and car rental for travel.  In an effort to better position ourselves to occupy the expanse of Healing Wings’ vision, we need to cut down expenses for these types of outreaches.

Traveling by way of 5th Wheel will enable us to:
● Take a band with us to the prisons and rallys.
● Carry equipment and instruments rather than pay outrageous baggage fees on the airlines.
● Haul our motorcycles to bike rallys and still have a home base.
● Allow us to cover more territory without the expensive hotel bills, thus allowing us to do more without having to pay more.
● Cook and eat healthier on the road rather than the cost of restaurants.
● A necessary investment once our Rapid Response program is launched.

Will you invest in the transformation of those cast aside? Will you go with us by donating today?


For further information and involvement please contact Debbie, Randy or Robin at:


Healing Wings Ministries
P.O. Box 11182
Englewood, CO 80151-1182


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