UPDATE: Touching the Untouchable Campaign Gaining Momentum!

Hallelujah God is so amazing! He has orchestrated the purchase of the 5th Wheel Rig through our donors in Washington State! We will take possession of this sometime in May.  They are committed to the Kingdom work of setting the captives free, and furthering the Gospel on highways and byways. Our hearts are bursting with gratefulness…

Thank you to still others who have given to this campaign!  We leave in 1 week for the first of these scheduled prison events, so we are pushing to get this campaign funded fully for the first half of the year.


WILL YOU GO WITH US?  You can join us through prayer and financial support with a donation that will go towards this year’s immediate missions need:

Funding for 7 months of Prison Ministry Outreaches in 2015: 
This consists of travel, some lodging, food, printed materials, and any miscellaneous expenses incurred for these types of outreaches.  In order to pursue the prison ministry outreaches this year, we still need to raise $9,350 more.   WILL YOU INVEST IN THE TRANSFORMATION OF THOSE CAST ASIDE BY DONATING TODAY?          DONATE HERE


April 13-15: Jefferson Prison–FL
April 18-19: Gulf Prison Main Unit-FL
April 21-23: Gulf Prison Annex Unit– FL

June 13: Sterling Prison – CO

July 20 – 21: Montana State Women’s Prison–MT
July 22-23: Passages Work Release–MT
July 25: Browning Prison Blackfeet Indian Rez–MT
July 30-Aug 1: Crossroads Prison–MT

This campaign specifically focuses on the prison ministry branch that is part of the larger vision of Healing Wings Ministries. Our multi-day prison outreaches offer salvation as a beginning, then moves towards raising up the indigenous church behind the prison walls to take their mission field for Christ!

Healing Wings Ministries is a 501c3 organization established in 1993 that reaches out worldwide to the broken, bound, and spiritually lost by offering hope through Jesus Christ.  Our vision not only targets healing the brokenhearted, but also connects broken people to their true identity and kingdom purpose through freedom and transformation.

Healing Wings Ministries emphasizes God’s design for wholeness: spirit, soul and body, to usher in the fullness of salvation. Jesus did more than preach the saving message of the Gospel. He reached out and enfolded hurting people; He touched sin-filled lives, He liberated those in captivity, and then infused with Christ’s love, He used them to build His church!


You can help us spread the word by sharing our GoFundMe link with your friends on Face Book, reposting often, or emailing those who might be interested in helping!  http://www.gofundme.com/HW-Untouchables

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  1. Thank you to everyone who has given to this campaign. I am humbled and stand in Awe of my Savior Jesus for all he is doing through each of you. You are His hands and Feet. Soon, God Willing, I will be able to join Debbie and Robin full time reaching the “Fringe!”

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