About Debbie

Debbie Milligan

Debbie Milligan is both a seasoned and impassioned performing artist. She is Executive Director of the nationally known ministry, Healing Wings Ministries. This ministry is dedicated to addressing the condition of the heart by communicating the healing grace and freedom found in the Person of Jesus Christ. It is a message that has been forged in the fires of Debbie’s own life experiences. A Christian since 1980, Debbie has weathered many storms. A survivor of a fatherless childhood, teen years plagued with hard core drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence and multiple losses, Debbie shares her music and testimony from a heart healed and enriched by the love of Jesus Christ.

Debbie has recorded three solo records, “Teach Me to Dance in the Rain,” “Sweet Forgiveness,” and “Below the Surface.” Each of her recordings portrays Debbie’s ability to write about real life issues, as well as communicate the healing heart of God. Her signature song, “Teach Me to Dance in the Rain,” captures the essence of joy in the midst of the storm.

“I learned early on as a Christian that if I am going to have joy in my life, I can’t depend on my circumstances. I have to lean into the one who carries me on the wings of any storm I go through. Jesus Christ is my source, and as long as I stay plugged into Him, I will experience joy, hope and peace no matter what circumstances surround me. You see, we can dance in rain, because God is the one that we dance with!”

The success of Healing Wings Ministries isn’t contingent upon Debbie’s gifts of music and communication, but instead upon God’s ability and willingness to turn our brokenness into beauty. Debbie simply places herself into the hands of the Ultimate Healer, making herself available to Him and transparent before her audience. The very things that were meant to destroy her are now what point others to Christ.

Healing Wings Ministries is comprised of many individuals who believe in what God is doing through this organization. As partners, each plays an important role in making sure this message embraces hurting people all over the world. HWM has not limited their vision to just churches, universities, prisons and homeless shelters in the United States, but also extends their commitment to sharing the saving message of Jesus Christ overseas in various mission opportunities. Another regular ongoing avenue of ministry is reaching out to the Native Americans.

Healing Wings Ministries is simply this: Christ through us; touching, comforting and healing hearts; encouraging and restoring hope; setting people free from the chains of their past. Together, we can be healing wings to enfold a hurting world.

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