Bricks Through My Window

Rom. 8:28- And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

A friend of mine reminded me of this scripture recently. I’ve had it memorized since my 1st year of being a Believer. As I lie here with yet another fever after 9 days with the flu, I am a little perplexed over having to be reminded of such a foundational truth. Why is it, those things we KNOW and certainly those things that can help us in our time of need just totally escape our tiny little brains when we need them most? Truth to be told, too often we make decisions and assumptions based on only our circumstances! There is ALWAYS more going on in a situation than meets the eye. And I, for one, am tired of living out my reality according to what I only see.

God gave me a helpful picture to make His point. Now for those of you who might be leery to read on…after all I am currently writing this with yet another spiked temperature. (Oh no…will she pull us into her fever-induced hallucinations?) Gear up and read on my brave ones.

I live in an old neighborhood called Englewood- we don’t have a big house, but it’s definitely a full house. Our tribe consists of our “kids”–2 good sized dogs and a cat, as well as Randy’s brother, Kevin who lives with us in the extra bedroom. So it’s safe to say, there is always something going on in our household!

Okay so say one day, Randy is in the kitchen feeding all the 3 pairs of eyes fixed on him; Kevin is at the front door talking to the neighbor who got our package by accident, and I am downstairs worshipping in my studio preparing for the weekend. That is what meets the eye…also unseen to the “eye” are angels who have “dropped” in because worship has filled the house and we all know how irresistibly, they’re drawn to worship. The atmosphere is infused with adoring God, not only because I am worshiping downstairs, but Randy and Kevin both have spent time praying and in the Word of God that morning. Heaven has invaded our home!

All of a sudden through the bedroom window comes a brick, viciously thrown from the alley. Everyone comes running, except for me because I can’t hear a thing from my studio. Does that brick have the power to overthrow what is unseen and become the reigning truth and reality in our household? Does it have the ability to infringe upon our life and dictate our next move? Really??? Does it possess the commanding presence to hold us captive and to prioritize our attention? What if at that same time there was something more urgent or demanding going on, like our neighbor at the front door started having a cardiac arrest–or Randy, in his attempt to tell me about the brick coming through the window, took a tumble down the stairs? Can that brick displace God’s presence with fear and panic? It can only if we allow it. God has given us the ability to choose what commands our attention. Our reality is not only the things we SEE with our physical eyes, but includes the things we can’t as well.

I’ve been in bed for nine looooooooooong days- it seems like eternity. Do you think even one time I stopped to access the situation and recall God’s promises to me? I am not alone here in this house. There are angels among us on Fox Street. Half the country has been praying for my healing, not to mention my warrior husband-in-arms who has stood numerous times over me, holding back the gates of hell as my fever spiked.

I don’t know about you, but I am done with living this life only by what I see! I am done with an anemic ability to recall HUGE gems of truth because someone has thrown a brick through my window. The bricks of life cannot negate the promises of God! I am done with allowing circumstances to steal my perspective and deceive me into believing that is my reality. And finally I refuse to batten down the hatch and “ride the storm out” any longer! I’m done focusing on the bricks of life. Bricks are not my reality- they are just bumps in the road of my reality.

When God says all things work together, He means ALL things! So there! I’m feeling better now having peered into the promise rather than stayed focused on the fever.