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Marginalize Eye

People on the fringe of society often have been cast aside for one reason or another. They are broken people who need an infusion of hope. From the depths of their despair rises a silent cry to know LOVE and PURPOSE.

We come to you with our “Touching the Untouchable Campaign,” seeking donations to help us reach these “marginalized” people.
Matt. 9:21~For she said to herself, “If only I can touch His garment, I shall be whole…”

Healing Wings Ministries is a 501c3 organization established in 1993 that reaches out worldwide to the broken, bound, and spiritually lost by offering hope through Jesus Christ. Our vision not only targets healing the brokenhearted, but also connects broken people to their true identity and kingdom purpose through freedom and transformation.

This campaign specifically focuses on the prison and biker ministry branch that is part of the larger vision of Healing Wings Ministries. Our multi-day prison outreaches offer salvation as a beginning, then moves towards raising up the indigenous church behind the prison walls to take their mission field for Christ!

Healing Wings Ministries emphasizes God’s design for wholeness: spirit, soul and body, to usher in the fullness of salvation. Jesus did more than preach the saving message of the Gospel. He reached out and enfolded hurting people; He touched sin-filled lives, He liberated those in captivity, and then He used them to build His church!

Healing Wings Ministries has received the mandate from the Lord to go! Will you go with us? You can join us through prayer and financial support with a donation that will go towards two immediate needs.

1. Funding for Prison Ministry Outreaches in 2015: 
This consists of travel (flight and rental car), lodging, food, and any miscellaneous expenses incurred for these types of outreaches.  In order to pursue the prison ministry outreaches this year, we need to raise $10,000Can you help us?

We have several prisons scheduled already this year!  

Central Fl Reception Center2MKNYResize

 April 13-15: Jefferson Prison–FL
● April 18-19: Gulf Prison Main Unit-FL
● April 21-23: Gulf Prison Annex– FL

● June 13: Sterling Prison – CO

● July 20 – 21: Montana State Women’s Prison–MT
● July 22-23: Passages Work Release MT
● July 25: Browning Prison Blackfeet Indian Rez– MT
● July 30-Aug 1: Crossroads Prison– MT

More prisons being schedule Fall of 2015…

2. We have an amazing opportunity to purchase a fully loaded 5th Wheel Trailer and Dually Truck that would meet all our needs on the road. We are looking to raise$30,000.00 for asking price of rig, including set up, registration, license, any initial maintenance costs, and storage fees.


After prayer and much consideration, we feel released to pursue funding to capitalize on this opportunity. This will enable our missions efforts in the prisons, bike rallys and community outreaches to have a greater impact by not being limited due to expensive housing and transportation costs.

The owner is asking $33,975 for both the 2004 Ford F-350 Lariat Dually and 2006 Coachmen Adrenaline 5th Wheel Trailer, but he’s offering our ministry a reduced purchase price. He will hold it for a limited time to give us the chance to see what our partners are able to help us do.

Up until now, these missions outreaches have required substantial funding to cover hotels for lodging, restaurants for meals, and airlines and car rental for travel.  In an effort to better position ourselves to occupy the expanse of Healing Wings’ vision, we need to cut down expenses for these types of outreaches.

Traveling by way of 5th Wheel will enable us to:
● Take a band with us to the prisons and rallys.
● Carry equipment and instruments rather than pay outrageous baggage fees on the airlines.
● Haul our motorcycles to bike rallys and still have a home base.
● Allow us to cover more territory without the expensive hotel bills, thus allowing us to do more without having to pay more.
● Cook and eat healthier on the road rather than the cost of restaurants.
● A necessary investment once our Rapid Response program is launched.

Will you invest in the transformation of those cast aside? Will you go with us by donating today?

For further information and involvement please contact Debbie, Randy or Robin at:


Healing Wings Ministries
P.O. Box 11182
Englewood, CO 80151-1182


Healing Wings Church Established in Uganda


Many years ago I became part of a missionary couple’s support team through prayer and a monthly financial commitment. Little did I realize that through that commitment a fire would ignite in my heart for the mission field. I took my role as “partner” seriously. If I couldn’t go myself, then I figured I could “go” through others, and share in the fruit of the harvest! 

We recently did an interview with one of the children we sponsored while in Uganda through Christ Aid International in 2001. One can’t possibly imagine the impact that’s made by sowing into a life. Neither can you know how far that impact will ripple across a village, a community or even a whole country. Abel has grown up from a little boy to become a Pastor in his village. It’s worth sharing with you, if only for the one life it touches. 



HW: When did you commit your heart to Jesus Christ?

Abel: I came to know Jesus Christ after the tragedies that befell my family which included the death of four of my brothers. My parents and I survived the attacks, and I thank God for protecting us. My parents committed their lives to God and taught me how to pray and love God. It was in 1999 in a church service I was reflecting upon my life and realized I needed to personally commit my life to Jesus Christ to be my Lord and Savior. Since then I have never regretted my decision.

HW: How has Christ worked in your life?

Abel: I have seen God moving, working, and living in my life by the way He has changed the impossibilities into His possibilities. For example: God has given me a new family that consists of my mom and dad and 2 brothers and a sister. Praise be to God! God has made it possible for me to go to school since nursery and now University level thru provision provided by Healing Wings Ministries in Colorado. He speaks to me in dreams, revelations, and visions. God has given me the power to pray for people for healing and deliverance, and from this, testimonies have come forth and God has been glorified!

HW: How did God call you to be a Pastor?

Abel: The Holy Spirit spoke to me to go into the wilderness or prayer mountain to pray and fast for 7 days. While I did this I heard a voice from heaven and an Angel appeared to me with a branch of a plant and said, “If a branch fails to produce fruits it will be cut off, go and start producing fruits of good news!” At that time I was 20 years old…

HW: What is the vision God has given you for your community Fort Portal and country, Uganda?

Abel: God has shown me that what He promises He always fulfills, and that in Him everything is possible. I have witnessed this through those that had persecuted me at one time are now coming for deliverance. My ministry started under a tree with just a few people, but now many are coming and we have a temporary roofed church we meet in. I see God’s power working as He has given me favor with the government that has allowed me to minister and grow the church. This has been very encouraging for me and I look to buy land for the church in Fort Portal Municipality, build a church that seats 10,000 people and more, increase our help with orphans, the needy, and the disabled spiritually and physically. I want to develop programs with an emphasis toward our youth, and also to develop leaders to continue to expand God’s Kingdom in Uganda and Africa at large.

HW: Do you remember when Healing Wings came and met you for the first time?  What impact has this had in your life?

Abel: I will always remember that day because it was my first time to meet and speak to a white person. God has used you to inspire me as a spiritual leader, and to increase a desire to know Him more, when you gave me a Bible and verses to read. Also the tapes and CD’s have helped me to learn to sing and worship the Lord in English. The academic achievements I have attained have been helped by your support. The goat, cow, and physical cash you sent helped me and my family so much. And how can I forget the person who gave me my first pair of shoes. Indeed you have impacted my life!                 


 Hope Fest 2001- Uganda

There is so much I could say, so I will tell you all just how deeply and sincerely I appreciate you, my family in Christ, Debbie, Randy, and Robin. I would like to encourage you with a word, “always keep focused on the LORD JESUS CHRIST the son of GOD, for He is our only Lord and Savior!” Also I wanted to let you know that I named the church here in Fort Portal, “Healing Wings” as a token of thanks to what my Healing Wings Family in USA has done for me and continue to do. It’s my prayer that you come and visit Healing Wings Fort Portal Church and you fellowship with us.

HW: How can we pray for you and your church?

Abel: Since the mission has started it has provided many challenges, so pray for our protection and God’s direction in every aspect of my life and church. Pray for encouragement and His provision for all that He is laying before us.

We hope to return to Uganda in the future and participate in the work of Healing Wings Church. We want to minister along side Pastor Abel in doing our part to reach the hungry, lost and broken in Africa. But for now, we have many scheduled outreach events here in the U.S. for 2014.

 We need your help to make the biggest impact!

Will you go with us into the prisons and on the streets of motorcycle rallys through your prayers and financial support? Will you become part of our support team as we continue to minister to those on the fringe of society?



1. Arkansas Women’s Prison —  Needed: $923.00

  • Evangelistic Concerts –Teaching & equipping — One on one ministry times

2. Sterling Men’s Prison  Needed: $268.00

  • Motorcycle Yard Event — Evangelistic Concert

3. Dodge City Bike Rally — Needed: $730.00

  • Concerts — Street  Ministry

4. Montana Women’s Prison —  Needed: $756.00

  • Concerts — Teaching — One on one ministry

5. Sturgis Bike Rally — Needed: $2,096.00

  • Street Concerts — Ministry

6. Florida Prisons Mission —  Needed: $3,750.00

  • Evangelistic Concerts — Teaching and equipping — One on one ministry times

Now 4 ways you can give:

1. Secure Online Giving through PayPal: You can give a gift today, either a one-time or a recurring gift through PayPal using your credit or debit card.                                                    PayPal

2. Direct Mail: Give by check or money order and mail to: Healing Wings Ministries ● PO Box 11182 ● Englewood, CO ● 80151-1182

3. Scan with your smartphone. By scanning the QR code, you can donate right from your phone.

Missions Donation Form

4. Credit card donations by calling our office: 303-789-0950


Would you consider this opportunity to join our missions outreach team through your financial partnership or through your commitment to pray? Healing Wings Ministries has been recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 organization for 20 years. Your donation of any size is needed, greatly appreciated and tax deductible.

Thank you in advance for your partnership in spreading the Gospel. We could not gather this tremendous harvest without your help!

Together We WILL Make a Difference!

Debbie, Randy, Robin and missions team



Seven Streams of Ministry For Greater Impact

Mission Statement: Healing Wings Ministries reaches out worldwide to the broken, bound and spiritually lost by offering hope through Jesus Christ.  Our mission is not only for wounded hearts to be healed, but for people to be transformed and connected with their true identity, so they can be fully equipped as God’s Ambassadors.

Vision Statement: The vision of Healing Wings Ministries is to see people restored back to God’s original design: healed, set free and made whole. We envision them transformed, operating in community, and rising up in their Kingdom identity to accomplish their purpose and dance in their destiny.  

Isaiah 11:15~He will break it up into seven streams, so that men can cross over in sandals.

Our vision is designed to channel through seven streams of ministry to set the captives!  Up until now, we have been very active in missions work both internationally and nationally. We have been involved in countless prison events, community outreaches and motorcycle rallys. We are now expanding into greater territory of operation by activating “Wings on the Ground”, our Rapid Response Stream, as well as expanding our missions department and establishing our Sozo Center.


  • Sozo Gatherings: House Concerts as a tool for outreach in an intimate setting and Worship Gatherings used as a vehicle to create greater unity within communities.
  • Community Outreaches
  • Biker Events
  • Recovery Groups
  • Covert Worship and Intercessory Operations in partnership with missionaries and other organizations in order to plow the spiritual ground they are called to.
  • Internship to mentor and activate musicians through a tangible experience of ministry.


  • Prison Concert Events
  • Prison Aftercare Program

3. SOZO [Wholeness] CENTER  To help individuals and families move towards freedom and transformation through the following:

  • Counseling
  • Healing and deliverance
  • Training and equipping

4. MISSIONS DEPARTMENT To provide short term resources for missions organizations and churches

  • Develop musicians and worship teams to be used for short term missions opportunities
  • Utilize each opportunity as a tool to mentor and connect musicians experience of doing ministry


  • Transport supplies and emergency aid to comminutes in crisis
  • Provide on-site teams for assistance and support
  • Network with organizations to provide emotional and trauma relief


  • Restore communities through a series of events involving intercession, networking, worship and ministry to usher in healing and greater unity within the Body of Christ.
  • Equip and empower Believers, enabling them to maximize their  impact, and expand the Kingdom within their community

7. W3 COMPANY [Worship-Word-Warrior] 

  • Establish an internship program for young adults who are called to ministry, missions or worship.
  • Equip and activate them as the next generation of worship warriors by providing ministry opportunities in the field.

Will you help us launch the next phase of Healing Wings Ministries in order to make a greater impact? You can help us make a bigger difference in this world by donating today! 

Healing Wings Ministries is a 501 c3 organization. All Gifts are tax deductible

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Project Restoration Update

Project Restoration Vision

Pastors Challenge logoA funny thing happened in planning a little golf tournament fundraiser…it morphed into an annual networking event! Even though we absolutely need funds to continue the work God has called us to, we always find a way to look at the bigger picture and try to accomplish something God sized! Oh the possibilities if we could all just come together as a body.

Golf Tournament
The Annual Pastors Challenge Golf Tournament is designed to reunite church leadership and the church body in a fun and restorative manner while bridging Christian denominational boundaries. Our intention is to provide an opportunity for each congregation to say thank you to their Pastors through sponsoring a foursome in a friendly competition and enjoy relating to them in an entirely new setting.

Music Festival
Restoration Celebration is an offering of hope as we unite in love for the purpose of healing and restoring lives. Together we become the sweet fragrance of worship to Christ and the heartbeat of life to a community.

Clement Park

Project Restoration 2009

There was a strong sense of God’s pleasure as people from different churches and denominational backgrounds came together in community for the purpose of healing and restoration. The Annual Pastor’s Challenge was competitive and a lot of fun! Every golf cart had leader boards that enabled each foursome to stay informed of their opponent’s scores. Unfortunately, no one was able to win the car at the 17th hole, but Julie McCready who “manned” the hole had great fun turning down all the offers to fudge a little!  The “Cleric Cup” award went to Kevin Barosso’s team.

Restoration Celebration lived up to its name. We had many ministries represented at Clement Park; each providing information on how their ministry was making an impact for Christ.

  • Joel Ryan, Regional Director for Prison Fellowship shared the significance of healing and restoration from a prison system perspective.
  • David Mporampora, Executive Director of ChristAid, talked about our partnership in Uganda and the role of the church in global unity. ChristAid and Compassion International, both present that day, are ministries that help break the cycle of poverty in third world countries by getting sponsorship for orphan children.
  • There were several ministries that focus on healing and freedom like The Healing Place from Activation Ministry Center and Pathway to Full Freedom.
  • Lost and Found and Colorado Christian Services who offer family counseling and child placement were there, along with the Teen Challenge Men’s Center who deal with addictions.
  • Streets Hope specializes in rescuing women caught up in the nightmare of the sex trade and selling industry.

Milligan-Conner Band Except for a small microburst that scattered every piece of literature on our Healing Wings table, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect! The musicians were anointed, creating a wonderful environment of worship. Even though the attendance was not what we had hoped, those there were blessed under the open sky of God’s handiwork. As Project Restoration came to a close, worship was elevated to high praise against the back drop of a spectacular sunset across the lake.

We introduced the Koinonia offering for the first time. (Koinonia is a Greek word that was used to explain how the 1st century church lived. It literally means: ▪ fellowship ▪ sharing ▪ unity ▪ communion ▪ contributory help ▪ participation.) This offering was a way to model our unity as the Church. If you had money to give, then you were encouraged to give. If you needed money, then you were encouraged to receive and be blessed.

I imagined the smile upon the Father’s face as I looked out across the park to see people fellowshiping, praying for one another and simply enjoying themselves. I know these priceless moments will be cherished for a long time.

Restoration celebration logo

We are excited about Project Restoration 2010! We have decided to move the music festival to a Sunday afternoon and keep the Annual Pastors Challenge on Monday to honor pastors on their day off. The targeted dates are June 13-14th so save this date on your calendar! How’s that for planning in advance!

Thank you to all who helped make Project Restoration such a special event! We simply could not have done it without your prayers, support and help. Not only were we able to launch it with just 2 months of planning, but I believe through this inaugural event, a solid and sturdy foundation was poured that will enable subsequent events to be built upon.

Project Restoration is Tomorrow August 3rd!


Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow’s the big day! Monday, August 3rd at Clement Park. It’s still not too late to participate in this great event.  Music starts at 1:00pm-8:30pm.
I will go on at 7pm with Kerry Conner and the band. We’ll close with a 30 min. worship set from 8:00pm-8:30pm.

General admission is $15 at the park.
Clement Park in Littleton, CO
7306 w. Bowles Ave.

Silent Auction starts at 4pm and closes at 5:30pm
All concert attendees can participate in the auction, even if you didn’t purchase a dinner ticket. We have some great items up for bid & we’ve added some items that will be raffled as well.

Here is a sneak preview of a few of the auction items:
Vacation trips like:

  • Moon Palace Casino Golf & Spa Resort ~ 5 nights all inclusive package for two at the MoonPalace in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.
  • VallartaPalace ~ 4 nights all inclusive package for two at the VallartaPalace in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  • 1-night in 1-Bedroom Suite at Brooks Tower, Free Parking, Dinner for 2 @ Hickory Prime Steakhouse & 2-Club Level Rockies Tickets for September 7 Game (Rockies vs. Reds)
  • 5 Rockies Games – 2 Club Level Tickets and Parking Pass.  Choose from remaining dates on schedule.

Sports memorabilia items like:

  • Tiki Barber signed NY Giants Jersey
  • Ron Jaworski signed football
  • Signed John Elway picture donated by John himself

Project Restoration’s Line Up of Activities

5 days to go until Project Restoration! For those of you still undecided about coming on Monday, August 3rd check out the days events!

Clement Park

7306 W Bowles Ave in Littleton, CO

Music from 1:00pm-8:30pm


Restoration Celebration: Day's Line Up

Monday, August 3rd: Project Restoration Concert Line Up

GRiNZ_formal_hiresBWBrad and Laura The GRiNZ  1:00pm

Brad Richardson 2:00pm


Dan Lillpop 3:00pm

Trevor Conner 4:00pm



Justin Bullis 5:00pm


Danny Oertli 6:00pm

Kerry 1

Kerry Conner and Debbie Milligan 7:00pmDebbie 3b

Restoration Celebration at Clement Park
in the Columbine community across the street from Raccoon Creek

Clement Park Amphitheater
7306 W. Bowles Avenue
Littleton, CO

General admission $15.00 at the park

Or call 303.996.6170 to register