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MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Look at the Fruit We Harvested TOGETHER…

Mission Accomplished!

Mission Accomplished!

What an amazing work God accomplished inside these prisons in just 2 weeks! Each event was packed to capacity! We told the men, “People back home have donated their hard earned money just so you would know God has not forgotten you behind these walls!” Because of you, there were many who surrendered completely to Christ; some for the very first time, and many others who surrendered un-yielded areas in their life.

The Ministry

Music evangelism– testimonies– preaching the WORD!

A former Satanist got saved after hearing Mark preach from Romans. He said, “Thank you for making that clearer than I’ve ever heard it put. I’ve been in prison for 39 years. I’ve doubted God all my life. I was a hardcore biker and a Satanist. I actually helped Anton LaVey start the Church of Satan in Orlando, Florida. I never really understood what Jesus did, but tonight it hit me while you were talking.

Biblical teaching to equip the indigenous church behind the walls:

We saw HUGE breakthrough in the area of shame and forgiveness. Debbie had just finished teaching on the importance of forgiving oneself, and not allowing the shame of our failures to disqualify us from our God given assignment. Robin taught on identity, then shared a traumatic event that happened years ago at the hands of a stranger. She said, “Some of you need to hear the words…” And so, side by side, we told these men,  “I FORGIVE YOU…on behalf of every woman you’ve hurt”

Activating and empowering:

Debbie had lost her voice and asked the men to stretch their hands forth in faith and pray for healing in her vocal chords. The men got to see immediate fruit from that prayer! God uses EVERYTHING to show HIMSELF glorious!

One on One ministry time:

We prayed for pictures of their children. We ministered healing to tPraying For Childrenheir brokenness; touching and loving the untouchables, breaking off chains of condemnation and setting the captive free!      


We were thrilled to work with Chaplain Spanos again at one of the prisons! It was a unique opportunity to follow up on the fruit from our time there last October. We discovered some of those we had equipped last year began to “father” those new in the faith! On the last day we held baptisms once again. These proud “fathers” stood on the front row, as their “students” went into the water dead to sin, only to come up alive in Christ!

The response was over-the-top surrendered lives! †

PicMonkey Collage RESPONSE

A good majority of these prisoners have received life sentences. But I have to tell you, the church within the prison system in the state of Florida is rising up from the ashes!

The challenge in prison ministry isn’t getting prisoners saved, God has gotten their attention! Many wind up in prison because they can’t outrun God. I believe the challenge lies in helping them understand their crime hasn’t disqualified them from their purpose or assignment in this earth. That’s just geography! God hasn’t changed His mind about them or His plan for them. This kind of impact takes forgiving themselves, and coming into alignment with their God-given identity. It means taking their life off “hold,” and embracing the call upon their life. If those assignments were insignificant, why then would the devil try so hard to take them out? It takes breaking off the chains of shame and condemnation so they can be free and empowered to influence the mission field all around them, every single day!

What better way to change prison statistics? The ones who parole out, DON’T COME BACK! And those who stay, get to change the whole atmosphere inside the walls of their mission ground. I like those statistics!

It is with great love and appreciation for your role in our ministry that I say… THANK YOU FOR SENDING US…THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING US and THANK YOU FOR PRAYING!

Together, we are making a difference!

Debbie, Randy and Robin

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Catfish and Angelfish Jaeger–Roller Dillon [Sons of God Motorcycle Club]


 James & Brittany Cox [Life on the Verge]–Robin D’Haillecourt [Healing Wings]— Scotty Hazen–Mark Mason [Life on the Verge]–Harley Lamoureux–Michael Traylor–Debbie Milligan [Healing Wings]–Suzan Mason [Life on the Verge]–Not shown but equally present: John and Raylene Swanger [Cross and Clef]

PicMonkey Collage TEAM



Seven Streams of Ministry For Greater Impact

Mission Statement: Healing Wings Ministries reaches out worldwide to the broken, bound and spiritually lost by offering hope through Jesus Christ.  Our mission is not only for wounded hearts to be healed, but for people to be transformed and connected with their true identity, so they can be fully equipped as God’s Ambassadors.

Vision Statement: The vision of Healing Wings Ministries is to see people restored back to God’s original design: healed, set free and made whole. We envision them transformed, operating in community, and rising up in their Kingdom identity to accomplish their purpose and dance in their destiny.  

Isaiah 11:15~He will break it up into seven streams, so that men can cross over in sandals.

Our vision is designed to channel through seven streams of ministry to set the captives!  Up until now, we have been very active in missions work both internationally and nationally. We have been involved in countless prison events, community outreaches and motorcycle rallys. We are now expanding into greater territory of operation by activating “Wings on the Ground”, our Rapid Response Stream, as well as expanding our missions department and establishing our Sozo Center.


  • Sozo Gatherings: House Concerts as a tool for outreach in an intimate setting and Worship Gatherings used as a vehicle to create greater unity within communities.
  • Community Outreaches
  • Biker Events
  • Recovery Groups
  • Covert Worship and Intercessory Operations in partnership with missionaries and other organizations in order to plow the spiritual ground they are called to.
  • Internship to mentor and activate musicians through a tangible experience of ministry.


  • Prison Concert Events
  • Prison Aftercare Program

3. SOZO [Wholeness] CENTER  To help individuals and families move towards freedom and transformation through the following:

  • Counseling
  • Healing and deliverance
  • Training and equipping

4. MISSIONS DEPARTMENT To provide short term resources for missions organizations and churches

  • Develop musicians and worship teams to be used for short term missions opportunities
  • Utilize each opportunity as a tool to mentor and connect musicians experience of doing ministry


  • Transport supplies and emergency aid to comminutes in crisis
  • Provide on-site teams for assistance and support
  • Network with organizations to provide emotional and trauma relief


  • Restore communities through a series of events involving intercession, networking, worship and ministry to usher in healing and greater unity within the Body of Christ.
  • Equip and empower Believers, enabling them to maximize their  impact, and expand the Kingdom within their community

7. W3 COMPANY [Worship-Word-Warrior] 

  • Establish an internship program for young adults who are called to ministry, missions or worship.
  • Equip and activate them as the next generation of worship warriors by providing ministry opportunities in the field.

Will you help us launch the next phase of Healing Wings Ministries in order to make a greater impact? You can help us make a bigger difference in this world by donating today! 

Healing Wings Ministries is a 501 c3 organization. All Gifts are tax deductible

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We Now Interrupt Your Program for a Florida Missions Update!

We are finally home and thrilled to have been used so mightily to advance God’s kingdom. There were so many men and women who responded to the Gospel message that we stopped counting!  Really, it’s not about the numbers anyway. Instead, it’s about each heart being touched by a loving God in such a radical way that it forever changes that life! Regardless if that happens for one person or many, it is worth the price of admission.

We were able to do multiple events in each prison, enabling us to build a level of trust and confidence with the inmates.

God knit together a phenomenal ministry team that traveled from all parts of the country:  John Swanger, our “resident” ex-offender, made the road trip with us from Denver; Rob Horton flew in from Colorado; Kenny Selweighardt flew down from New Jersey; both Marco DeSciscio and Scott Hazen were from the Florida area. These team players were able to light up the sky with their passion and their musical talent.

Here are some of the prison highlights from partnering with Solid Rock Ministry:

  ♦ At the men’s facility, we spent 2 days bringing men back into their destinies through music, teaching and prayer. Randy hosted the prayer room for one-on-one time with these men. Each event was packed to capacity. What an amazing display of God’s tenderness as grown men, who survive in prison by wearing a tough facade, broke down in tears when we prayed for them and their families. Many responded to the invitations given; not only salvation, but as Debbie taught on the importance of renewing the mind and taking thoughts captive, there was an overwhelming response!

♦ We spent another 2 days at the women’s facility. There was such a move of God that we’re still spinning! In the spirit, doors that had been locked down for years burst wide open. It was a time ordained by God for life changing experiences and the results were massive! In fact one of the guards came up to us exclaiming, “I’ve never seen anything like it…”

♦  John told the women they could fire the guard who has been holding their hearts and get a new boss, “Jesus,” who would protect it from then on.  Many did just that and entered a new walk in the Lord!

 Debbie taught on God’s design for wholeness and the barriers (brokenness–shame/fear–unforgiveness) that block freedom and transformation.

♦ Robin illustrated how shame and fear keep you bound by sharing her story of being brutally raped at knife point. In this kind of vulnerability, many women asked for their hearts to be healed as well!

♦ Randy shared on the importance of forgiveness, then stood in the gap for all the men who had ever hurt them, then got down on his knees asking for forgiveness….oh my! Chains began breaking off these incarcerated women. All across the chapel this breakthrough anointing was busting people out of captivity!

Later that evening, we were privileged to hear many stories of how God radically touched these women.

→ Her daughter’s boyfriend had just murdered her 2 year old grandbaby 2 days ago, and the emotional pain that tormented her was horrendous. The Lord touched her heart with His comfort and healing.

→ Another was able to forgive a grandfather who had molested her for so many years.

→ She had been married to a man who abused her and wound up sentenced to prison. She was able to finally forgive him after struggling with bitterness for 37 years.

→ Another was terrified to give all her life to Christ because she had been so wounded it was hard to trust anyone. Jesus radically set her free!

→ Still another woman’s heart received such a healing touch from the Lord that it physically burned for hours.

→ One woman testified to being healed of 28 tumors when Tony had prayed for her last year!

→ Healing, comfort, forgiveness, and liberty all branded the lives of these precious women, ushering in transformation.

→ It also created a rippling effect as these women carried the message to others who hadn’t been able to come, and they too were set free and present to testify about it!

Thank you to those who participated in this extraordinary mission’s trip! Your prayers plowed the field and many, many lives have been transformed because of your loving support. Together, we have taken back ground from the enemy and tasted the fruit of victory!

Co-Laboring Together for HIS Sake,

Debbie, Randy and Robin

Healing Wings Ministries

Bricks Through My Window

Rom. 8:28- And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

A friend of mine reminded me of this scripture recently. I’ve had it memorized since my 1st year of being a Believer. As I lie here with yet another fever after 9 days with the flu, I am a little perplexed over having to be reminded of such a foundational truth. Why is it, those things we KNOW and certainly those things that can help us in our time of need just totally escape our tiny little brains when we need them most? Truth to be told, too often we make decisions and assumptions based on only our circumstances! There is ALWAYS more going on in a situation than meets the eye. And I, for one, am tired of living out my reality according to what I only see.

God gave me a helpful picture to make His point. Now for those of you who might be leery to read on…after all I am currently writing this with yet another spiked temperature. (Oh no…will she pull us into her fever-induced hallucinations?) Gear up and read on my brave ones.

I live in an old neighborhood called Englewood- we don’t have a big house, but it’s definitely a full house. Our tribe consists of our “kids”–2 good sized dogs and a cat, as well as Randy’s brother, Kevin who lives with us in the extra bedroom. So it’s safe to say, there is always something going on in our household!

Okay so say one day, Randy is in the kitchen feeding all the 3 pairs of eyes fixed on him; Kevin is at the front door talking to the neighbor who got our package by accident, and I am downstairs worshipping in my studio preparing for the weekend. That is what meets the eye…also unseen to the “eye” are angels who have “dropped” in because worship has filled the house and we all know how irresistibly, they’re drawn to worship. The atmosphere is infused with adoring God, not only because I am worshiping downstairs, but Randy and Kevin both have spent time praying and in the Word of God that morning. Heaven has invaded our home!

All of a sudden through the bedroom window comes a brick, viciously thrown from the alley. Everyone comes running, except for me because I can’t hear a thing from my studio. Does that brick have the power to overthrow what is unseen and become the reigning truth and reality in our household? Does it have the ability to infringe upon our life and dictate our next move? Really??? Does it possess the commanding presence to hold us captive and to prioritize our attention? What if at that same time there was something more urgent or demanding going on, like our neighbor at the front door started having a cardiac arrest–or Randy, in his attempt to tell me about the brick coming through the window, took a tumble down the stairs? Can that brick displace God’s presence with fear and panic? It can only if we allow it. God has given us the ability to choose what commands our attention. Our reality is not only the things we SEE with our physical eyes, but includes the things we can’t as well.

I’ve been in bed for nine looooooooooong days- it seems like eternity. Do you think even one time I stopped to access the situation and recall God’s promises to me? I am not alone here in this house. There are angels among us on Fox Street. Half the country has been praying for my healing, not to mention my warrior husband-in-arms who has stood numerous times over me, holding back the gates of hell as my fever spiked.

I don’t know about you, but I am done with living this life only by what I see! I am done with an anemic ability to recall HUGE gems of truth because someone has thrown a brick through my window. The bricks of life cannot negate the promises of God! I am done with allowing circumstances to steal my perspective and deceive me into believing that is my reality. And finally I refuse to batten down the hatch and “ride the storm out” any longer! I’m done focusing on the bricks of life. Bricks are not my reality- they are just bumps in the road of my reality.

When God says all things work together, He means ALL things! So there! I’m feeling better now having peered into the promise rather than stayed focused on the fever. 

Milligan Conner Band in Concert in Wyoming and Colorado

YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN: Debbie Milligan and Kerry Conner featuring Steve Bruns and Steve Holley for an evening of explosive music!

May 22, 2010 @ 7:00 pm

The Anathoth Foundation: At Soldiers of the Light
949 S Durbin Street in Casper, WY
For more info call Arliss: 307-259-5959

May 23, 2010 @ 4:30 pm

Life House Covenant Church
917 S. Main Street in Longmont, CO
For more info call: 720-494-1576

Admission to both concerts is free with a love offering being taken.

Check out a sample of their music: Burn
Casper, WY
1. Pray for good attendance! The sponsor of this event has done much in the past to rally people in Casper & it seems to fall upon a “sleeping” community.

2. Pray for unity in the churches

Longmont, CO
1. There’s a lot of pain in this community- pray for the spirit of destruction to be crushed & for the Healer to be exalted!

2. Pray for breakthrough in people’s lives and freedom from addiction.

Mother’s Day Weekend Events in Sterling Colorado

This coming Saturday, 5 of us travel to  Sterling Correctional Facility to share the hope of the Gospel with those incarcerated.  Because this is Mother’s Day weekend, these men will be especially thinking about family. Whether it is their own mother or the mother of their children, hearts may be heavy. We will not only do a concert, but will have time to visit, pray and encourage those who come to this event. Please pray for our time there so we can have the greatest impact on their lives.

Sunday, Mother’s Day I will be ministering at Faith United Methodist Church at 9am.

May 8, 2010: Sterling Correctional Facility @ 7:00 pm

May 9, 2010: Faith United Methodist Church @ 9:00 am

Come Join us for Mother's Day on Sunday morning!

LOCATION: 230 Williams Place
Sterling, CO

MORE: For more info call: 970-522-0140
Free concert with a love offering being taken for Healing Wings.

Prison Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the men to be open to the message of the Gospel & for them to recognize their need for salvation.
  • Pray for the healing presence of Christ through our prayers to bring comfort & freedom.
  • Come against all attempts of the evil one through witchcraft & the occult within the prisons to sabotage this event.
  • Pray for a strengthening of the church “behind the walls.”

NEXT: Living Tower Free Methodist Church

On May 16, 2010 @ 10:30 am

18821 E 22nd Place in Aurora, CO.

For more information call: 303-340-2543

Project Restoration Update

Project Restoration Vision

Pastors Challenge logoA funny thing happened in planning a little golf tournament fundraiser…it morphed into an annual networking event! Even though we absolutely need funds to continue the work God has called us to, we always find a way to look at the bigger picture and try to accomplish something God sized! Oh the possibilities if we could all just come together as a body.

Golf Tournament
The Annual Pastors Challenge Golf Tournament is designed to reunite church leadership and the church body in a fun and restorative manner while bridging Christian denominational boundaries. Our intention is to provide an opportunity for each congregation to say thank you to their Pastors through sponsoring a foursome in a friendly competition and enjoy relating to them in an entirely new setting.

Music Festival
Restoration Celebration is an offering of hope as we unite in love for the purpose of healing and restoring lives. Together we become the sweet fragrance of worship to Christ and the heartbeat of life to a community.

Clement Park

Project Restoration 2009

There was a strong sense of God’s pleasure as people from different churches and denominational backgrounds came together in community for the purpose of healing and restoration. The Annual Pastor’s Challenge was competitive and a lot of fun! Every golf cart had leader boards that enabled each foursome to stay informed of their opponent’s scores. Unfortunately, no one was able to win the car at the 17th hole, but Julie McCready who “manned” the hole had great fun turning down all the offers to fudge a little!  The “Cleric Cup” award went to Kevin Barosso’s team.

Restoration Celebration lived up to its name. We had many ministries represented at Clement Park; each providing information on how their ministry was making an impact for Christ.

  • Joel Ryan, Regional Director for Prison Fellowship shared the significance of healing and restoration from a prison system perspective.
  • David Mporampora, Executive Director of ChristAid, talked about our partnership in Uganda and the role of the church in global unity. ChristAid and Compassion International, both present that day, are ministries that help break the cycle of poverty in third world countries by getting sponsorship for orphan children.
  • There were several ministries that focus on healing and freedom like The Healing Place from Activation Ministry Center and Pathway to Full Freedom.
  • Lost and Found and Colorado Christian Services who offer family counseling and child placement were there, along with the Teen Challenge Men’s Center who deal with addictions.
  • Streets Hope specializes in rescuing women caught up in the nightmare of the sex trade and selling industry.

Milligan-Conner Band Except for a small microburst that scattered every piece of literature on our Healing Wings table, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect! The musicians were anointed, creating a wonderful environment of worship. Even though the attendance was not what we had hoped, those there were blessed under the open sky of God’s handiwork. As Project Restoration came to a close, worship was elevated to high praise against the back drop of a spectacular sunset across the lake.

We introduced the Koinonia offering for the first time. (Koinonia is a Greek word that was used to explain how the 1st century church lived. It literally means: ▪ fellowship ▪ sharing ▪ unity ▪ communion ▪ contributory help ▪ participation.) This offering was a way to model our unity as the Church. If you had money to give, then you were encouraged to give. If you needed money, then you were encouraged to receive and be blessed.

I imagined the smile upon the Father’s face as I looked out across the park to see people fellowshiping, praying for one another and simply enjoying themselves. I know these priceless moments will be cherished for a long time.

Restoration celebration logo

We are excited about Project Restoration 2010! We have decided to move the music festival to a Sunday afternoon and keep the Annual Pastors Challenge on Monday to honor pastors on their day off. The targeted dates are June 13-14th so save this date on your calendar! How’s that for planning in advance!

Thank you to all who helped make Project Restoration such a special event! We simply could not have done it without your prayers, support and help. Not only were we able to launch it with just 2 months of planning, but I believe through this inaugural event, a solid and sturdy foundation was poured that will enable subsequent events to be built upon.